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As the Easter weekend drew upon us, I had to pack up everything but the kitchen sink again before we went away for the week. Before having Meadow, Robin and I didn’t need very much to whiz up north to my family in the Lake District but now you wouldn’t believe how many bits and pieces a baby needs – I’m just pleased we have now invested in a new people carrier to ensure everything fits – I kid you not! Once we endured the drive up the M25, M1 and M6 (weekend  holiday traffic adding on 3 hours to our journey) and a leaking cool bag to deal with, we were thrilled to have an extended break with family and friends to catch up with.

On Easter Sunday my cousins and their children congregated at my Nana Clara’s in their Easter outfits to catch up and exchange gifts. This was lovely and Robin and I also got to catch up with the adults, which is always a bonus as we live so far away. When I was little we had a few Easter family tradition’s, one was the Arran Cardigan, my Nana Bell always knitted them for my brothers and I so I was eager to see the cable knit cardigan my Mam aka Nana Susan had made for Meadow. As she is growing so quickly it’s hard to judge sizing but I had said vaguely, “ Oh just make it big!” and it really did look lovely and fit quite well with her brand new Easter dress. Another tradition we have passed down through generations is the Pace egg. Now a lot of my southern family and friends hadn’t heard of them and said they must be a “Northern thing” – and they were right. The Pace egg – a hard-boiled egg dyed with tea or food colouring, originated in Lancashire and West Yorkshire around the time of the Great War. My family still give out an orange and a Pace egg with a chocolate egg, gift or card at Easter and I actually love boiling up a pan of eggs with teabags to give out and this year added children’s names for my friends girls. I have to say it was lovely having Meadow join in with both these family traditions this year.

We bought Meadow a lovely Spring book called Moo, which she enjoyed reading with Great Grandad Tony, as well as her Easter dress this year as we don’t want her eating chocolate yet. This is something my dentist agreed with and said that the longer that you can keep children away from chocolate the better …so a while longer won’t hurt and her lack of teeth means she would make a mess anyhow. We are still enduring teething and the top two teeth are starting to make a painful appearance but Meadow is taking it well bless her heart. Instead of chocolate eggs lots of people bought her lovely cards, toys, books and clothes, which was really kind, and she will appreciate these much more anyway .  Her dad and I had to enjoy a few of her chocolate treats on her behalf –such a hardship – so next month I really will have to step up my exercising and dust off that old Tae Bo dvd, but for now we are just enjoying being a family which is what it’s all about.


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