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Grandparents rock!

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Meadow Isabella is now almost 14 months and she is now completely like a little girl! I know this sounds silly but now her hair is coming through and she is toddling she is so much less like my little baby. She has her own little opinion and she makes sure it’s heard – only yesterday I was folding washing in my bedroom whilst she was playing and she ran through shouting “mama” as she wondered where I was. A few weeks ago as she had been walking almost two weeks when we thought it best to take her to have her feet measured. She was the funniest ever choosing shoes then running up and down for the lady although she didn’t like the standing still and having your foot squeezed bit! Her tiny feet are a 4H so we got a little leather pair of good shoes and a canvas pair to play in. No more pre-walkers! The canvas shoes have a T-bar and rainbows and fireflies on the front, which she chatters to and as soon as we got home she wanted them on …to give cookie a fashion show! Cookie seemed to nod in appreciation – hilarious. The shoes are now a part of our daily routine she runs about with them in her hands when in her pyjamas dying to get them on!

A couple of weekends ago robin and I were invited to a friends fancy dress birthday party in Soho. Robins mum came over to stay a few nights over the weekend to have meadow – I don’t know who was more excited her or the dog! Poor Carole couldn’t get in the door for the excited pair of them! Meadow took a liking to my fancy dress fan and wandered the house fanning everyone like a little lady – so cute! It was lovely to have a night with friends and old colleagues in London and to run for the last tube home, but the next morning things weren’t so pretty! The Olympic torch was coming through our village at 8.30 so we had to be up a 6.30 after not getting in till 2.30 …and not being used to drinking – eek! However we made it to the market square (in pieces but we got there) and it was lovely to see such a huge turn out. The Olympic flame of course had a huge reception and the Chinese dragon and marching band were fab. Meadow, her dad, nana and I then fed the ducks and went to a fun day in the local church gardens, it really was a lovely day and got us in the Olympic spirit!

As you’re aware, the weather has been utterly pants lately. I was very disappointed last week as Robin bought me concert tickets for an 80’s gig in Hyde Park and it was cancelled due to rain. My mam had come down for the week to help look after meadow so we scheduled in lots of activities instead. We had a lovely picnic in Embankment Park, walked over the queen jubilee bridge and enjoyed African acrobatics on the south bank. We also took her nana to Toddler Time and Boogie Babies with us this week so she could see her do her little dance moves! This weeks craft was an Olympic torch so meadow sent her’s on the train to Carlisle with Nana from Grandad!

We also went to a local working farm and had a brilliant day. We saw the cows being milked and the milk being processed for supermarkets. We drove around in a huge cow print tractor and of course cuddled lots of cute animals. Meadow took great joy in striding around the park in her new shoes so Pete Waterman’s loss was Meadow’s gain and I have to say the farm with my little girl was much cooler than a Kylie and Jason duet would ever be …

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