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Wedding Bells

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Just recently two of our closest friends got married. Over our ten years together Robin and I have been to lots of weddings but this is our first with a child. Meadow Isabella is now a very active 22 months old. We booked a room in the beautiful Ipswich hotel, which our friends had chosen as their venue. Having a room took the pressure off us getting ready, staying late and any outfit changes. Robin had his lovely Next suit on, I worked a gorgeous tomato red Lipsy dress of course from Next and Meadow wore the beautiful and aptly named Meadow dress from the Summer Next children’s collection. She was very excited putting on her new dress and new shoes.

In the service we sat with friends who had children and found if one made a sound the others followed! Before the brides arrival Meadow also tried to run down the aisle with a bunch of heart shaped helium balloons much to the amusement of the very nervous groom who I think was happy for the distraction.

After the beautiful service we had drinks and sandwiches in the lounge which was great as the kids could run around and we even went onto the grounds to feed the ducks! After the reception and refreshments were the speeches, we choose to keep the children in the reception room whilst the speeches went on to ensure they kept quiet and all went through at the end for the toast. Then was the bit Meadow had looked forward to all day – dancing!!  She danced till almost 10pm with every wedding guest – she was given glow sticks and I was glad I’d changed her dress as she just ran wild and this darker silk dress was more robust. She boogied away even whilst the bride and groom had their first dance! Her and the other children did laps of the room, dancing and laughing and popping bubbles and playing with balloons – she had a lovely time. Once she slept on a chair Robin and I had a dance and a chat and we were so pleased we were only staying upstairs, as we really were exhausted. Weddings are great fun, weddings with children are good fun but tiring … we have another in July but it’s child free so Meadow will have fun elsewhere whilst we let our hair down …

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