You may (or may not) have noticed my month’s gap between blogs, that’s because for the past few weeks our house has been like emergency ward 10! Of course winter is the time of year when everyone picks up coughs and colds and people are socialising more and more due to the festive season so all those lovely germs are being shared! Just after Meadow’s Halloween party the madness begun, my first book has now launched and done fantastically well on both Amazon and in Waterstone’s so I was in demand for interviews, blogs and promotion so I became quite tired and my dreaded fits made a fleeting return. A couple of weeks back on my meds saw me right but of course then Meadow caught chicken pox – it could have been at her toddler group or one of her 3 Halloween parties she had to attend (at 18 months she has a much better social life than me) but nether the less she got spots every where and only wanted mama. My friend Michelle told us a fantastic tip to stop the itching – filling a sock with porridge oats and putting it in her bath. The sock works like a teabag and something in the oats makes the itching stop – 3 of those baths a day-stopped meadow itching – alone with some Lush Dream Cream and she was soon almost spot free. But the worst was still to come. As the spots died down she started being sick – this lasted for 9 days – sick sometimes up to 4 times a day- it was awful. As meadow was breast fed for almost ten months she was never a very sickly or windy baby so this took me really by surprize.

It was awful seeing her project all her bottles back and not want food. Of course I had a flat full of washing too and ooh the smell – our bedroom, her bedroom the living room all ponged and I didn’t know what to bung in the washing machine first! Thank goodness for carpet mousse! Even poor cookie the dog got sprayed at one point, which she was not best pleased with. So after several calls to the doctor for advice we had to pop in – as soon as we got there we were whisked to a side room in case she still had chicken pox as there was a new born baby in the waiting area and we didn’t want him to get it! The doctor diagnosed reflux as it was mainly happening in the morning and after a few days with her medication and very bland food she was back on the road to recovery. Mealtimes were almost like weaning again as her food became very basic, but it was great to see her back to her old smiley self again as its so awful seeing her ill. Never mind, I’m glad we have it out of the way before the festive season so now we can have fun and enjoy the festivities….