As my friend kindly told me one day in play group; moving house, having a baby and extending your house are the 3 highest causes of divorce apparently. So having moved house more times than I’d like to already (husband take note) and of course going through the baby thing twice and coming out still talking (and occasionally romancing) why not go the whole hog and ask a group of builders to rip the heart of our home out and then put it back together again. Oh come on, surely you are not surprised? Surely you know us by now, surely you have realised we NEVER do anything by halves, in fact the only thing that might surprise you is that we are not organising a major celebration whilst the building works are going ahead!

Like you couldn’t write it, the night before the builders arrived we had a horrendous night with Fin, him deciding that he no longer liked his bed and preferred mummy and daddy’s much more, of course we walked him back to his Fireman Sam bed umpteen times before finally giving into the tiredness and very reluctantly letting him sleep with us. He slept soundly, blissfully unaware that he would be rewarded for his episode of bed-hopping with NO TV for a day and NO treats. So, just to clarify, a team of builders arrive to dig, dig, dig and I am stuck indoors with two kids whom both desperately want to join the far too dangerous dig, dig, digging and I don’t even have the TV to fall back on!! Damn those 3am threats!!

The TV-less day obviously triggered something for Fin because the next night he decided he DID like his Fireman Sam bed and remained there all night – phew, now that was a big relief because I’m not sure what I would’ve done next! My next challenge (because there is always one) was keeping Fin away from the builders. Not happy with calling the builders by their actual names (being friends of the family he clearly knows their names) Fin decides he will address them as ‘builders’ (‘builders, what are you doing?’…’builders, what are you doing now?’…’builders, do you want a cup of tea?’…and when they don’t answer…’builders?…). And all he wants to do is go out in the garden and do exactly what they are doing and he seems completely bewildered that I won’t let him. Go out and fall down that massive trench? Sure go for it! Mess around with a massive saw? Why not!…

Another fun part of the process was ordering and designing our brand new shiny kitchen. When you say it out loud it doesn’t register…‘what are you doing tomorrow?’, ‘oh just ordering our new kitchen’, ‘oh, taking the kids?’, ‘yes’, ‘oh…’. YES ‘OH’. We had been at the well established kitchen supplier for less than half an hour and already it looked like we had been there for a week, our belongings were spread far and wide, not to mention a kind, unsuspecting office clerk giving up most of her time to draw various animals and sea creatures for Fin. Once that boy gets a scrap of attention he goes back, time and time again! Poor girl didn’t get much work done that day!

We are 5 weeks into our big build now, Fin still calls the builders ‘builders’ and he still wants to be involved with every aspect of the build although the initial novelty aspect has waned slightly – one highlight was him putting his footprint into some wet concrete, that went down particularly well with the guy that had just finished perfecting it! But whilst I am currently creating ‘microwave’ cuisine and washing up in the bath I’d say I’m in more need of a shiny kitchen than the ‘builders’ are of a break!!