Well it caused havoc for most people for a week but can I tell you a secret? Us Everingham’s love snow! Cookie nearly jumps through the window she gets that excited… my birthday cards only stayed up two days on the window sill so she could watch it with Meadow. Where we live is almost in a valley, so the first bout on the Monday was just a nice dusting and didn’t lie but come Thursday and Friday we were well and truly swamped!

The church where Meadow was christened looked beautiful and there are butterfly gardens right by it! We ventured out sledging there twice and Meadow absolutely loved it. My husband went in three shops before actually securing a sledge and even when we got one it was the last one going! Cookie unfortunately has hurt her paw so couldn’t come out with us but us three had lots of fun on the Saturday and when we got back, I taught Meadow how to dunk bread in soup to warm her up! She seems to pick things up really quickly, it’s so cute.

On Sunday we woke up to non-stop snow, from first thing in the morning to last thing at night. It laid quite deeply. We met up with friends at Gunpowder Mill the huge park near us and Meadow and her friend Ryan enjoyed sledging up and down the slopes. We then went back to warm up and the dads had fun sledging on their own whilst the kids made a lovely snowman in the garden. Snow somehow makes everything look magical and Meadow really loved it she kept throwing herself down in it and shouting ‘Wow!”

I know a lot of people have difficulty travelling in the snow and so many people were panic buying in the supermarkets but we were so lucky we didn’t have far to go and enjoyed every last minute of it! It got a bit sad the following week when it all turned grey and sludgy and then eventually the rain-washed it away but the 4 good white we had were really lovely. It’s funny how children give you a new outlook on everything, Meadow and her friend are just barely toddlers and they thought it was amazing – the joy on their faces when sledging warmed us up quicker than any hot chocolate would. So I am that person… when everyone else is complaining about it, I’m secretly smiling thinking how much I love it – I can’t wait for our next white spell!