If you were a bag what would you be…? Perhaps you’re a party hopping clutch with a weakness for everything that sparkles? A treasured traditional leather satchel waiting to be found by a lover of vintage? Or a raring to go rucksack found mismatching with muddy wellies and a floral headband? Find out with this fun flow chart we’ve made for you – reminiscent of those “Who is your perfect celeb boyfriend?” or “What should I wear to the school disco?” quizzes from those girly magazines of the good old ‘90s.

First off, how do you most often spend your free time? Are you most often found perusing the theatre listings or pumping up your bicycle tyres for your next countryside outing? And how about trends? Maybe you love to mix and match monochrome separates, turn heads in a fiery red dress or throw on a biker jacket and military boots. When it comes to bags, maybe you like to keep it simple with solid colours and minimal pockets – or you’re a magpie for decorative hardware with as many zips, buckles, bling and sparkle as possible. But the big question is – what is most likely to be found in your handbag? A tangle of headphones leading to that all important walking-to-work-playlist or possibly a menagerie of your fave make up minis?

Whatever handbag you are – there’s no doubt us girls can’t live without them! Why not use the code below to share this infographic with your friends or on your blog and find out what handbag they are too! Also, we’d love to know what you think of our latest AW13 bags and accessories collection plus the newly added designer bags for the season!

What Handbag Are You Infographic

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